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He concluded a full circle, circumnavigating the island and establishing the landmass in question was without a doubt an island. He departed the following summertime, never ever to return but not just before supplying the island a completely new identify -- Garðarshólmur (literally, Garðar's Island). Certainly one of his Adult men, Náttfari, decided to continue to be driving with two slaves. Náttfari settled in what's now often called Náttfaravík, close to Skjálfandi. Landnámabók maintains that Náttfari was not a long term settler.

"There was a man from the North [Norway], Ingólfr, who is truly stated to get the primary go away it for Iceland, in the time when Haraldr the Truthful-Haired was sixteen winters of age [...], he settled south in Reykjavík." -- Íslendingabók

By means of Exodus Don we have had to put plenty of exciting nicknames to the back of our Hoodies and Jackets. We have lots of scholars inquiring us for Thoughts of whatever they can put as their particular nicknames and in lieu of striving to recollect all of them we believed it might be easier to just post examples of what other learners have done.

to price remarkably (eg a person's acceptance and so on). hoog skat يُقَدِّرُ تَقْديرا عالِيا ценя dar valor a přikládat velkou váhu Wert legen auf sætte pris på αποδίδω μεγάλη σημασία σε valorar algo mucho kõrgelt hindama مغتنم شمردن arvostaa faire grand cas de לְהַעֲרִיך בִּמיוּחָד महत्व देना cijeniti što, pridavati vrijednost čemu nagyra értékel vmit menghargai leggja (mikið) upp úr, meta (tenere in gran conto) ~を重んじる 존중하다, 중시하다 labai vertinti, skirti ypatingą reikšmę augstu vērtēt sangat menghargai veel waarde hechten aan sette stor pris på przywiązywać wielką wagę do ښاغلي بولل،محترم شميرل dar valor a a pune mult preţ pe придавать (большое) значение prikladať veľkú váhu zelo ceniti visoko vrednovati sätta stort värde på ล้ำค่า (büyük) değer vermek 重視 цінувати بہت اہمیت دینا đánh giá cao 重视

But numerous engines more mature than my venerable Go-Satan didn’t use these bearing inserts, but as an alternative “babbitt bearings,” which had to be comprised of scratch by pouring molten babbitt (created primarily of tin, antimony and copper) amongst a part’s bearing floor as well as a mandrel.

Plus some house owners Have a very practice of exhibiting off and carrying out burnouts. So cops could be seen posted on virtually just about every Road corner, handing out citations.

n (= stock) → Vorrat m (→ of an +dat); (fig) → Fileülle f, → Schatz m, → Reichtum m (→ of the +dat); shops pl (= materials) → Vorräte pl, → Most effectiveände pl; to lay in a very retailer of food/coal → einen Lebensmittel-/Kohlenvorrat anlegen; to have or keep anything in keep → etw lagern, einen Vorrat von etw haben; (in shop) → etw auf Lager or etw vorrätig haben; to get in retailer for somebody → jdm bevorstehen, auf jdn warten; to possess a shock in shop for any person → für jdn eine Überraschung auf Lager haben; that’s a take care of in retail outlet (in your case) → da habt ihr noch was Schönes vor euch, das ist etwas, worauf ihr euch freuen könnt; what has the longer term in store for us?

garnish, garnishee - have a debtor's wages on legal orders, including for youngster aid; "His employer garnished his wages to be able to pay out his debt"

    The initial phases on the linen production were being done by Gentlemen: They reaped the plants and by beating and combing the crops they extracted fibers from them, which might be spun into thread, the here very first of your phases normally executed by Ladies.

Quick Perspective TLD Shimano's TLDs are an legendary choice of overhead reels. They can be perfect for fishos that are looking for rough reels for chasing larger reef or light match species.

I've acquired the camping factors saved (absent) till we need them → tengo las cosas de acampar guardadas hasta que las necesitemos

Retail outlet medicines out with the access of youngsters → Rangez les médicaments hors de portée des enfants.

Her appearance often acted being a damper to your curiosity raised by her oral oddities: difficult-showcased and staid, she had no place to which fascination could attach.

two. coming Down the road. There's trouble in retail outlet for her! in die toekoms آتٍ في المُسْتَقْبَل предстоящ reservado v očekávání bevorstehen i vente που επιφυλάσσει το μέλλον reservado (tulevikus) ees olema در شرف here وقوع odottaa en réserve צָפוּי בְּעָתִיד घटित होने की संभावना u pripremi, sprema se tartogat vmit vki számára akan datang í vændum (che aspetta) 待ちかまえて 기다리고 있는 laukiantis ateityje gaidāms; nākotnē akan dihadapi in het verschiet i vente w przyszłości د كيدلو په حال كي reservado în viitor в будущем (čakať) v budúcnosti pripravljen u budućnosti på lut, att vänta ในอนาคตที่กำลังมาถึง bekleyen 就要來到的 напоготові مستقبل میں آنے والا sắp xảy ra 就要来到的

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